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Nigerian Army Launches A Special Security Plan In The Eastern Nigeria Termed "Operation Golden Dawn"

The military organization of Nigeria has launched a special Security plan in the eastern part of Nigeria with the title 'Exercise Golden Dawn.'

According to reports, this exercise was launched on Monday 4th October 2021 with the intention of subsiding the insecurity in that part of Nigeria.

The Speaker of the military organization, Nwachukwu Onyema explained the circumstances behind the emergence of this exercise.

He stated that the eastern part of Nigeria is undergoing a serious insecurity situations. And as such, the military organization have launched the operation to maintain peace and other in that part of Nigeria.

The Military authorities went further to revealed that order military organization will join them in this fight to put an end to the obscure situation in the eastern part of Nigeria.

We should recall that prior to the emergence of this exercise, the eastern part of Nigeria has being recording series of destruction of properties and unnecessary killing of prominent citizens.

This exercise serves as the intervention of the Nigerian government towards maintaining peace and order in the eastern part of Nigeria.

What is you opinion on this new move initiated by the Nigerian army.

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