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The World's Biggest Submarine Which Is 574ft Long And Can Accommodate An Average Of 160 Crew Members

What makes a submarine different from other water-based vehicles is its ability to stay underwater for a long period of time. Their waterproof attributes make underwater journeys possible and their strong and solid body prevents the deepwater pressure from destroying the submarine.

Even though there are varieties of submarines around the world, a particular one stands apart from the rest. The Russian 941 Akula, also known as the Dmitriy Donskoy, is recognised as the largest submarine ever created (As of October 2021).

The 941 Akula, which belongs to the Typhoon-Class series of submarines, is the only submarine that remains in operation up to this day. Between the year 1976-1986, six of this submarine was made, but only one is active till this day. The reason why this particular submarine is still active is because of the renovation works it has undergone.

The 941 Akula (Akula is Russian for Shark) has a length of 175m (574ft). The submarine which is powered by two nuclear water reactors, two steam turbines with an estimated power of 50,000hp, and four 3,200kw turbo generators, has an average speed of 31mph, while its speed on the water surface is 25.57mph. This submarine can comfortably accommodate a crew of 160 members.

The 941 Akula which was originally built for warfare and defence, can stay underwater for up to 120 days. It can also go deep into the ocean at a depth of 900m (3,000ft). The reason why that is remarkable is because the water pressure is usually intense at that level. If a human being manages to swim at that level, he or she is bound to be crushed by the water pressure.

The 941 Akula which is recognised by the Guinness book of records as the largest submarine, has been featured in various movies and documentaries.

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Akula Dmitriy Donskoy Russian Typhoon-Class


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