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Terrorism: Would FG prosecute those who the UAE named as sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria?

Terrorism is a global threat. No right thinking person would support this evil menace, which has killed and ruined the properties of many people, many of them homeless.

Countries like the US have done so much to help Nigeria end terrorist activities. They have supported us with fighter jets, ammunition, cash, etc. All these efforts were made to help reduce the effects of terrorisim in Nigeria and the world at large. A few days ago, the government of the United Arab Emirates named some Nigerians, accusing them of sponsoring terrorism in Nigeria. Since the statement was made, it's not clear whether the FG has made any official statement on the issue.

In the past, some Nigerians have been named for sponsoring terrorism, according to former Army chief Olawunmi, whose interview on a live television program is still causing some smoke in Nigeria. Recently, the security expert was invited by the DIA for questioning. Since Olawunmi reported to the DIA, the Army high command has not made public the results of the investigation and report regarding Olawunmi's invitation.

The UAE, even though it is not in any way affected by any terrorist attacks, has the boldness to name a few Nigerians who are behind sponsoring terrorism. Nigerians are waiting to see how the FG will handle this situation. Many people are thinking that this is a great opportunity for Nigeria to get to the root of terrorism and nip it in the bud for the final time. The Arab Emirates named about six Nigerians of Northern origin.

The US had threatened to name sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria. It's not clear whether the US list is different from this one released. Nigerians may not find it funny that the US didn't find the courage to name the sponsors, prompting the UAE to take the lead. Until the FG reacts effectively by arresting and prosecuting the suspects, Nigerians may not find it palatable.

What do you think will be done with the latest list of the sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria? What should FG do immediately? Should they swing into action or sweep it under the carpet? Kindly send us your comments below. Like and share this piece of work. Keep an eye out for updates.



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