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Could The New Security Outfit, Ebube Agu, End The Attacks In The South East?

For the past few months, it seems likely that the attacks in the south-eastern part of Nigeria have continued to increase, despite numerous security measures that had been put in place. The region has experienced deaths of innocent people, destruction of properties, alongside security facilities.

Photo Credit: Premium Times Nigeria (Picture Used For Illustrative Purpose)

This has called for urgent attention for peace to reign, as the masses have continued to express their fears and worries in different ways. However, a recent development was reported where the south eastern governors decided to implement a strategy in order to limit the rate of these attacks.

One of such methods will be the implementation of a new security outfit, known as Ebube Agu, scheduled to be launched before the end of this year, according to a verified publication.

Photo Credit: Independent Newspaper Nigeria (Ebube Agu Security)

However, considering the fact at which these attacks have kept on increasing despite previous measures done in the past, it will not be wrong for the masses to question if this new security measure will end up being successful, eliminating those causing havoc, and returning the nation back to how it should be.

Well, in my own opinion, the security outfit known as Ebube Agu could likely be successful in ending these attacks because they will not only serve as an additional support to other security operatives in those respective states, but may also work as local vigilantes, which have proven to be successful in the past when it comes to fighting criminality.

The Ebube Agu working as an extra support in terms of security may well know certain hidden areas which may be used for negative agendas that could affect the safety of citizens.

With the understanding that more workforce with expertise and dedication could win the fight against insecurity and other forms of criminality, it may not be wrong to say that the new security outfit which will be implemented could prove successful.

Photo Credit: Today (Ebube Agu)

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