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3 Reasons Why Soldiers Should Not Be Blamed If They Continue to Arrest People Wearing Biafra Outfits

Barely a few days after Chiwetalu Agu was arrested for wearing a Biafra dress outfit, it was reported that security operatives saw another aged woman dressed in the same Biafra dress.

These two security encounters with those wearing Biafra outfits have made some people blamed the security operatives. But I think they should not be blamed because of three reasons.

Below are three reasons why I think security operatives should not be blamed if they continue to arrest people wearing Biafra outfits

1. The group has been proscribed as a terrorist group. There is a saying that says, "where there is no law, there is no sin". The fact that the federal government of Nigeria has proscribed the group should make us know that wearing such outfits or carrying anything that will show Biafra may be seen as going against the law which has declared it illegal in Nigeria. Soldiers or any other security operatives are to uphold and enforce the law in the country and that means it is part of their job to arrest people who go against the law binding Biafra until the law is reversed. They should not be blamed for doing their work.

2. It may be seen as campaigning for Biafra. Awareness is created in many ways. If soldiers or police allow people to keep wearing Biafra outfits in the south-eastern part of the country, it is like saying they are free to carry on with their agitation. Wearing Biafra clothes will remind those interested in Biafra of their quest and will make them more determined to pursue it. This is why security operatives may not allow it so that it doesn't encourage others to do the same. They should not be blamed for doing this.

3. The security operatives may see the act of wearing Biafra clothes as a deliberate action to challenge them. The Nigerian Army announced operation Golden Dawn in the southeast region and some of what they are there to do is to help in preventing agitations and other activities such as the ones being done by the unknown gunmen. Now, if after the announcement has been made and some persons now wear Biafra outfits, it may look as if those who are wearing Biafra outfits are doing so to challenge them and you will not expect security operatives to fold their hands and smile at that.

Content created and supplied by: MichaelPD1st (via Opera News )

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