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Nigerian Defence Academy NDA: Academy Cadet Adjutants in the Last 3 Years

The Nigerian Defence Academy is a lprominent and Outstanding Military University in Africa and in the World at large, its Cadets are recognized anywhere in the Country as they ooze of Military mentality and Discipline. The Nigerian Defence Academy NDA was established in 1964, and since then it has grown to be a very powerful and successful Academy in Nigeria. It is the most sought after Military University in the Country. The Academy trains Cadets in the three wings of the Nigerian Military which are the Army, AirForce and Navy respectively. The Navy and AirForce Cadets takes four years to graduate, while the Army Cadets are in the Academy for five years.

During their course of training, an Academy Cadet Adjutant ACA is appointed as the most senior Cadet in the Academy. This Cadet must be exceptional in every aspect such as Academic, Training, Discipline and other positive attributes. "It is said that every ACA is a potential Chief of Army, Navy or Air Staff, so they are honoured and protected"

Below are the ACA's in the last 3 years

2017: Cadet UE Nwama

Cadet UE Nwama was the Academy Cadet Adjutant in 2017 and he was also the Best Graduating Cadet in his year.

2018: Cadet Ahmed Buhari Bature:

Bature was one of the most complete Cadets in the Academy, he was the ACA and the Best Graduating Cadet in his set.

2019: Cadet EO Ndele

No pictures of the Cadet is online. Though he hails from Rivers State in Nigeria.

There has been no female ACA in the Academy so far.

Do you think a girl will ever hang this appointment in the Academy?

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