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Plane Crash

The death toll from a plane disaster in the Philippines has risen to 50.

“Apart from eyewitness reports, we are also seeking for recordings, such as radio communication recordings between the pilot and the control tower,” said the investigator.

Arevalo stated that the military had secured the accident scene and that they would work to guarantee that militants on the island did not interfere with search and rescue operations.

They had recently finished from basic military training and were being deployed to the troubled island as part of a counter-insurgency mission in the Muslim-majority region when they boarded the plane.

The military maintains a significant presence in the southern Philippines, where militant groups such as the kidnap-for-ransom organization Abu Sayyaf are active, among others.

The occurrence, according to Arevalo, is "one of the most catastrophic incidents that has occurred in our military services."

In the past few decades, C-130s have served as the workhorses of air forces around the world. They have transported troops, supplies, and vehicles among other things.

The Hercules that crashed on Sunday was a second-hand aircraft that had been purchased in the United States and sent to the Philippines earlier this year.

According to Custodio, this is the worst crash involving a Philippine military aircraft to date, with 50 people killed thus far, compared to 40 people killed in a 1971 incident involving a PAF C-47.

It was the latest in a string of air force mishaps that have occurred this year.

Recently, a Black Hawk helicopter crashed during a training trip in the middle of the night, killing all six people on board. The disaster resulted in the complete grounding of the Philippines' Black Hawk helicopter fleet.

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