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UK Newspaper's claim About The Nigerian Army And The Likely Effect In The Fight Against Criminality

Barely a few hours ago, a certain claim about the Nigerian Army by a newspaper in the United Kingdom had brought a series of attention where the federal government of Nigeria had publicly expressed the inappropriateness of such a report.

Photo Credit: Vanguard News (Chief Of Army Staff)

According to a verified publication, the newspaper in the United Kingdom claimed that some of the officers of the Nigerian Army had sold arms to terrorists and connived with criminals to terrorize the country, and that the men of the Nigerian military can't rescue the nation from insecurity.

It is no doubt to say that such claims made by the newspaper could not only be wrong due to past positive deeds from the Nigerian Army, in respect to criminality and terrorism, but also because of the likely effect it could bring in fighting criminality in the nation.

These claims made by this newspaper could not be backed by any fact but rather could be disproved based on a series of successes that has been recorded by the Nigerian Army over the past years.

Photo Credit: NewsOnline Nigeria

Over the past years, Nigeria has been one of the top countries where insurgency has been dominant, criminality on the rise, and despite such, the Nigerian military have waged war on those causing havoc, causing thousands to surrender, and eliminating those who have sworn not to unite the country.

There have been hard measures put in place, like those that have been initiated in the North, the acquisition of Super Tucano Jets from the United States, the timely rescue of Nigerians who would have been killed by these criminals.

These among many others has not only shown the eagerness from the Nigerian Army to end criminality in the country but also show their competence and a reason to believe that insurgency and criminality will soon be reduced to its barest level.

Photo Credit: BBC News Pidgin

However, making such claims regarding the Nigerian Army who have repeatedly put their lives in front to protect people and the country could likely have a negative effect because it may undermine the dedication and willingness which they have towards the fight against criminality.

Every country wants terrorism and criminality to be defeated, and making such claims during this time when the country is fighting hard to win against insurgency could rather worsen the situation than repair it.

Furthermore, these outrageous claims made by this newspaper could also have an effect negatively on the masses who are pivotal in the fight against criminality by assisting the Nigerian military and other security agencies.

The Nigerian people who continue to believe in the Nigerian Army to win the fight against criminality and other forms of insecurity should not be made to bear such a false claim, as it has proven to be so, as what a country need in such fight is for the masses not to be distracted, and continue to support the military to ensure peace is restored.

Photo Credit: The Guardian Nigeria

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