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ECOWAS Has To Seriously Tackle The Preponderance Of Coup & Insurgency In West Africa

The truth is we don't see coup d'etats in East, North, or Southern Africa. The optics of a distraught, unkempt bedraggled Alpha Conde surrounded by soldiers beamed all over the world is a blight on ECOWAS. Yes, he was no Lee Kuan Yew, but military coup d'etat in francophone West Africa is putting into question the relevance of the regional bloc in itself.

We've had a record Nine attempted coup d'etat in 11 months. Four of them were successful. All in French West Africa. There seems to be a concerted effort to make the region ungovernance or question the ability of the region to govern itself without French involvement. These coups are carried out by French-trained special forces soldiers. Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali (Twice), and now Guinea. All Special Forces troops were trained by France. What are the odds?

Today numerous actors are involved in programs aimed at strengthening African armed forces. This is cool, except it always comes with "building special relationships". It starts with training and deployment of advisers. They say this is due to the lack of professional peacekeepers in stable countries. They need an excuse to send troops.

When you see terrorist groups mutate into hydra-headed monsters and senseless coup d'tet's that preys on the dissatisfaction of the people, anything to keep the flames of strife burning, an ecosystem of self perpetual violence and political instability, then you know it is engineered chaos. You see it in Nigeria. Sambisa is captured, 6 drone bases are hastily erected in what will become the fastest construction project in USAF history.

Then a Boko Haram resurgence. Then we have ISWAP. Then IPOB. Then Amotekun. Then EndSars. Then a coalition of Boko Haram, ISWAP, and Bandits engaging the Nigerian military simultaneously, (a feat few nations can handle) yet keep getting smashed by the Nigerian military, forcing thousands to see the futility of their fighting and surrender. Now the EndSars debacle is back again to demonize the Nigerian military, an unwelcome distraction at a time the Nigerian military has momentum on its side.

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