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How Nigerian Military Took War Against Insurgency To Notorious Terrorists, Turji Hideout In Sokoto

Airstrikes conducted on Saturday by aircraft of the Operation Hadarin Daji Air Component have led to the deaths of an undisclosed number of terrorists, often referred to as bandits. Daily Nigerian reports that the precision airstrikes, which were executed at Dangwandi and Tsakai areas of Isa Local Government Area of Sokoto State, resulted in the elimination of some terrorist leaders, and their foot soldiers. The sustained aerial bombardments in parts of Zamfara State destroyed the logistics facilities and property of the terrorists.

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This is a good step toward winning the war against insurgency in Nigeria. The terrorists need to know their limits. They have spent more time spreading the tenets of terrorism in Nigeria. They need to be put in place. That is why the military has taken the war to their hideouts and enclaves. Bandits are becoming increasingly common with terrorism in Nigeria. However, there are some people in support of their evil path. But not anymore.

The discontent and anger Nigerians feel are being monetized by self-appointed selfish activists who manipulate Nigerians. Local politicians are by far the worst. Governors embezzle billions and the people "Buhari" is to blame for youth unemployment, bad roads, taking advantage of the fact that most Nigerians are ignorant of the tenets of Federalism. So rather than hold their governors and LG Councillors accountable, they turn their frustration on Abuja while local politicians sweep the state coffers clean.

Further deepening the divide in an already polarized nation. Making Nigeria invulnerable to external manipulation by sewing into the minds of Nigerians the desire for a civil war. No surprise though. Nigeria is Africa. It's the biggest, richest, and most powerful black nation on earth. A prosperous Nigeria is of vital importance to all of Africa. Destroying Nigeria is a vital entropy needed by certain powerful interest groups to achieve their objective, something only a select few know.

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