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Beyond Victory: UKR Defence Intelligence Chief on the Challenges of Reintegration In A Post-War UKR

According to the news report from Ukranian Pravda; Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence, has expressed his belief that the challenges faced by Ukraine after achieving victory will be significant and will require many years to overcome.

Specifically, he emphasizes the need for reintegration of the territories that have been temporarily occupied by Russia for a period of nine years. These territories include Crimea, as well as the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which have declared themselves as the "People's Republics."

According to Budanov, the process of reintegration will not be as straightforward as one might expect. He points out that the people living in these occupied territories, numbering around 3 million, have been exposed to Russian propaganda for an extended period.

As a result, their perception of the world has been significantly influenced and differs from that of the rest of Ukraine. Budanov suggests that reintegrating these individuals into Ukrainian society will require substantial effort and time.

Budanov clarifies that achieving victory in the conflict does not signify the end of the challenges. Instead, it marks the beginning of a difficult phase that may last for several years.

He stresses the importance of understanding that reintegration goes beyond simply reclaiming the administrative borders of 1991. Budanov suggests that even if Ukraine manages to regain control over these territories, Russia may not capitulate but instead undergo changes. This could potentially lead to the emergence of new states within Russian territory.

Furthermore, The head of Defence Intelligence acknowledges that the day of victory will be a significant milestone, but it will be followed by an arduous and lengthy process. Budanov emphasizes the necessity of transforming Ukraine's economy and reevaluating their approach to forming new alliances and unions.

He anticipates the emergence of a new global security architecture that will have implications beyond Ukraine, becoming a worldwide issue that will demand extensive effort and collaboration.

Regarding the regions that have been under occupation for a considerable duration, Budanov suggests that the existing model of the state should remain unchanged after victory.

He even hints that a firm and authoritative approach, symbolized by an "iron hand," may be necessary to maintain stability in these regions.

In summary, Budanov's insights highlight the complexities and challenges Ukraine will encounter after achieving victory in the conflict.

Also, Reintegrating the occupied territories, countering Russian propaganda, transforming the economy, and navigating new global security dynamics are among the significant tasks that lie ahead.

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