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Nnamdi Kanu Is Breeding A Terrorist Gang In Igbo Land & The Elders Are Pretending A A Monster Is Not In Charge - Chris Ososa

Nnamdi Kanu has arguably been one of the most talked about personalities since last week due to the attack of the Imo prison which was tied to the Eastern Security Network/IPOB by the now former Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

In a post said by an outspoken Nigerian man, Chris Ososa Asuelime who has more than 16 thousand followers, claimed that Nnamdi Kanu is breeding a terrorist gang in igbo land and the elders are pretending.

This is the famous Nigerian man's comment about Nnamdi Kanu.

Chris Ososa Asuelime believes that the Eastern Security Network is a terrorist group formed by Nnamdi Kanu and the after math will consume the South East.

The Nigerian man is not the first to call the IPOB/ESN a terrorist group, bodies such as the IPAN (Igbos for a progressive Nigeria) and Emeka Diwa have also aired their concerns about the security network and Nnamdi Kanu.

Do you think the Eastern Security Network created by Nnamdi Kanu is out of control?

Sentiments aside, kindly share your sincere comments below in relation to Chris Ososa Asuelime's statement.

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