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Always Pray Against War, See Sad Photos of the Condition of Places After War

What is war? What can be defined as the state of Armed conflict between different countries or different group of people within a country. War is also known as a dangerous situation, where properties are damaged and even lives are lost.

No man who has ever encountered war, will ever pray for war. So in this piece of work, i made pick of some heart touching photos of the condition of places, how terrible some place around the world looks like after war.

We should always pray against war, because is never a good thing to experience. Only someone who has never seen war happen before, will regard it as a common thing. War has a bad effect to the country, which below i listed 3 bad effects of war.


1. War really tears nations apart.

2. War can lead to the dead of thousands of people in a country.

3. War can cause hunger to nations.

There is nothing a nation should desire and pray for if not peace and Harmony. A peaceful nation grows well and live in unity. So as a citizen of a country, always pray for PEACE and pray against WAR.

So without much wastage of time, let's take a look at how much war has cost some nations, so you can agree with me that peace is the best.

The first 4 photos, shows the Nigerian Civil War, which happened around 1967-1970, see the sad condition of people then.

Below are other after war photos of condition of places and people, from different countries in the world.

War should never be an option to solve a challenge or situation in any country.

Please say NO to WAR and let peace always lead, AMEN.

Let's Always Pray Against WAR.

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