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OPINION: The 3 Newly-Launched Army Operations In The S/East Could Make Unknown Gunmen Surrender Arms

For weeks now, some unknown gunmen keep attacking some southeastern States across Nigeria. This was why the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), Lt. General Farouk Yahaya, was in Enugu state in the mid hours of today to announce the launch of three (3) new army operations. Having read reports concerning the plans of the Chief of Army Staff, I am of the opinion that the 3 newly-launched army operations in the Southeast (S/East) and three other geo-political zones in Nigeria could, to some reasonable extent, make unknown gunmen surrender their arms to the Federal Government (FG). The reasons behind this opinion of mine shall be espoused as the article progresses.Chief of Army Staff. Credit: Channels Television.

The first reason why the 3 three newly-launched operations could make unknown gunmen surrender arms is because in time past, when new army operations are launched, those disturbing the peace of the land end losing the fight due to the heat caused by the newly-launched operation. Men of the Nigerian Army hold, in high regards, any newly-launched operation against insecurity in Nigeria. Let's consider the operation hadin kai that was launched long ago for instance. After being launched, those the operation was launched against lost fatally against the Nigerian Army who won massively.

An illustrative photo of unknown gunmen. Credit: Google.

The second reason why the newly-launched operations named operation golden dawn, enduring peace and still waters will possibly make unknown gunmen surrender their arms is due to the sophisticated weapons to be used by men of the Nigerian Army. Undoubtedly, if eventually these sophisticated weapons are handed down to the soldiers who are deployed for the operations, the unknown gunmen will certainly surrender arms because the weapons will not match theirs in terms of quality and performance.Image Credit: BBC News.

Dear esteemed Readers, having followed every detail on what the Chief of Army Staff said about the three newly-launched operations aimed at forestalling insecurity, do you also agree that these operations could possibly make unknown gunmen surrender arms?

Article's Source: Channels Television.

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