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People Hailing Violence In The South Are Unaware Of How Boko Haram Started

Within our societies and across the social media platforms, there are people who are oblivious of the impending dangers as a result of incessant attacks by hoodlums in the southeastern region of the country. No sane human being should hail or promote violence no matter how he or she disagrees with the political opinions of others. It is heartbreaking to see some 'responsible' citizens of the country debating or defending those causing violence. This begs the question 'are they aware of how the Boko Haram insurgency started?'.

The dreaded terror group in Nigeria Boko Haram started as a religious cult. Their founding leader Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf was a renowned scholar who teaches and lecture young people about his version of Islam. So, when they started agitating for an Islamic Sharia, a lot of people who are oblivious of their true intentions started supporting and campaigning for them. This helped them to establish a kind of dominance in the local communities of Borno state.

Gradually, what is known as a harmless religious cult started attacking security posts and formations in the northeastern region of the country. They stockpile looted arms and launched attacks on religious centres that failed to submit to their violent practices. Government facilities and educational institutions were attacked and destroyed by the sects. Before many people started realising the true intentions of the group, the insurgency has already displaced several communities. Reports of attacks and abduction of students became frequent.

(Photo Credit: The Nation Newspaper)

This is a brief description of how the Boko Haram insurgency started and its consequences on the economic development and stability of the northeastern region of the country. This should be a lesson to those supporting violence and destruction of properties in the southeastern region of the country. The Nigerian security forces need all the support they can get from the general public in defeating this threat.

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