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With Bandits Trying To Be Innovative, Perhaps It's Time To Employ Electronic Warfare Jammers

Closing markets and restriction of movement is not a bad thing to insurgent-prone areas. As a security measure, it has been done in Yobe and Borno for years and positive results were achieved despite the inconveniences. As Nigerians, we should not discredit the efforts of security agents and encourage the Bandits. People have to join hands and cooperate with security agents to find a lasting solution.

The Bandits and their accomplices are known to some people. So, people should be brave enough to expose them. They should join the fight against the Bandits as was done with civilian JTF. No security agent would know the nooks and crannies of the environment except with the local support and cooperation. There are reports that the bandits are still carrying out their nefarious activities despite these blockages by the government.

How are they able to carry out all these attacks on soft targets despite blockage? That shows bandits have devised means of getting food and communicating with their sponsors or collaborators. Many people have been arrested including women that were caught hidden foods and petrol inside their bags to be delivered to bandits in the forests. A shred of good evidence that bandits now have other means of communicating with the outside world beyond blockage areas.

Security agencies should not give them any breathing space. Importantly, they should not allow them to have access to communication at all, which will make the fight against insurgency in the North West effective. It is time the Nigerian security operatives deploy electronic warfare jammers.

Photo: Nigerian security operatives carrying an electronic jammer

Meanwhile, this portable electronic jammer is very effective in disabling any Radiofrequency, phone and it's within a 100m to 200m radius. We need to have more of this to disconnect bandits or terrorists from communication while going after them.

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