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Check out why most People are blindfolded when they are placed before the Firing Squad

Death by firing squad is a form of capital punishment mostly reserved for military and individuals who committed violent and traitorous crimes like murder and invasion.

The process is carried out by five (5) or more soldiers who line’s up side by side several feet away and shoots on command.

In most cases, the prisoner or victim is usually blindfolded when they are placed before the firing squad. On some rare occasions, people have requested not to have their eyes covered so that they may watch their shooters.

This situation is always not advisable because it greatly affects the firing squads whose identity should not be disclosed.

Blindfolding the individual is a good way to increase the firing squad’s anonymity and less stressful situation for those simply fulfilling their duty.

Do you think blindfolding is necessary during death by firing squad concerning the consequences that follow?

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