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Pictures of 76mm rapid fire naval gun on the Nigerian Navy missile ships

The Nigerian Navy has become one of the largest Navy in Sub Saharan Africa in terms of personnel training and number of maritime platforms which have been procured by the Nigerian Navy in the past few years.

Most of the maritime platforms are drones, aircrafts, ships, boats and structures acquired to secure Nigeria's territorial integrity and protect it against crime.

Few of the Nigerian Navy ships are heavily armed with the 76mm rapid fire naval gun. The 76mm naval gun is a lightweight rapid fire gun capable of providing air defence, anti surface and anti missile role.

The automatic reloading of the 76mm gun is done through a revolving magazine and rapid loading is easily done during firing mode by ammunition handlers.

The 76mm naval gun is operated on two Nigerian Navy ships identified as NNS Siri and NNS Ayam which are missile ships used to provide escort for other naval ships.

These ships are able to destroy air, surface and seaborne threats especially anti ship missiles while on the sea with the aid of 76mm naval gun.

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