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Photos Of Soldier That Says, Military Job Is The Best Career For Every Nigerian Youth

Due to the various threats that our country is facing, there is a need to recruit young capable youths to join the military.

The uniform we are wearing is a burden on our shoulders, also every soldier must swear an oath to protect his or her Country.

I'm always happy to be a soldier, because I've received alot of training and also I've undergo alot of counter terrorists courses to boost my career.

Although, majority of the youths applied for military jobs but only few succeed, that's why I urged the government to increase the infrastructures for the training of enough soldiers.

I've been part of various operations in the northeast part of Nigeria, I have experience alot of threats by the enermy.

Also, military are always trying their best in fighting the insurgency in various parts of the country, but we still have alot to cover.

Boko Haram have been in existence and have caused alot of havoc, because many people have been forced to flew their homes and live a new life in internal displaced persons camps.

But, I always pray that one day peace shall reign in our country, and every terrorism would become history.

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