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Piracy Is One Of The World’s Oldest Profession But This Is How Nigeria Is Tackling It

Piracy attacks have taken place in the Gulf of Guinea more than the Horn of Africa and as such, offshore oil platforms are reliant on the Nigerian Navy to respond to piracy attacks day and night 24/7. These offshore oil and gas platforms are clustered in Nigeria's Exclusive Economic Zones, which extend 200 nautical miles from our coastline.

File Photo for illustration: Armoured patrol vehicle

This is a vast geographical area over which the Nigerian Navy is stretched fairly thin. To monitor such a vast area the Nigerian navy relies on some of the most sophisticated land, sea, and airborne maritime surveillance platforms in the world. Ordinarily, the Nigerian government waits until a crisis takes place before developing security measures, but given the critical nature of these offshore and coastal facilities to Nigeria's economy, the government is making no compromise in equipping the Navy to protect the entire Gulf of Guinea.

Including allowing some private security firms with their customized vessels, like these armored patrol boats that can face any attack from pirates. Piracy is one of the world’s oldest professions but a bad profession just like insurgents and bandits that attack people on the land, the pirates attack the sea. They are usually brutal than bandits and steal large consignments from any ship or boat they attack without mercy.

This is a reason why all countries of the world are interested in subjecting piracy activities on their water bodies. Thanks to the Nigeria Navy in the Gulf of Guinea, pirates would have overrun and command its water bodies. With Frigates, patrol ships, gunboats, and other state-of-the-art naval machines used by the Nigerian Navy, hardly there is any cause of piracy in our water bodies and that of the Gulf of Guinea where the goods that are imported through the sea come to Nigeria.

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