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3 Powerful Countries That Can Help Nigeria Fight Bandits And Boko Haram Based On Relationship

Nigeria is a sovereign nation with a very powerful army, but they can decide to seek help from their foreign allies to defeat Boko Haram and bandits.

In this article, we'll be looking at three powerful countries that have a good relationship with Nigeria, and can easily decide to support the country to end terrorism.

1. The United States

Illustrative Photo.

On several occasions, this country has spoken about the activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria, it shows that they're concerned. America and Nigeria have been close allies for a long time. Their relationship created an avenue for Nigeria to easily purchase weapons from them.

Illustrative Photo. Credit: Modern War Institute

If Nigeria should decide to give the US permission to be fully involved in the fight against terrorism, the US will likely use their resources and soldiers to help Nigeria because of their relationship with the country.

2. China

This country has established a good relationship with Nigeria over the years, especially in the trading sector. Nigeria has bought several weapons from China, including the VT-4 main battle tanks that entered Nigeria in April 2020.

(Photo of a VT4 main battle tank. Credit: Google)

If Nigeria should ask them for assistance to eliminate Boko Haram and bandits responsible for the deaths of many Nigerians, there's a high chance they'll support Nigeria because of the strong relationship that has been established between both countries.

3. Russia

In August 2021, Nigeria and Russia signed a Military Cooperation Agreement, this agreement makes it possible for Russia to supply Nigeria with military equipments, and to train some Nigerian military men on how to use the weapons. Even before the agreement was signed, Nigeria has had some dealings with Russia in the past.

(President Buhari and the President of Russia in October 2019. Credit: CFR)

Judging from the relationship Nigeria has with Russia, they'll likely support Nigeria to eliminate Boko Haram and Bandits if their help is requested.

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