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Check Out The Metal Storm Machine Gun Which Can Fire 1Million Rounds Of Bullet Per Minute

As a result of advancement in military technology, some limitation placed on firearm are now been eliminated. Way back in time during the first and second world war soldiers could only fire about 3-4 rounds of bullets per minute.

Gradually with time and advancement in technology, The limitation were broken one after the other with the production of guns like Gatling gun and Maxi machine gun which could fire 500-600 rounds of bullet per minute.

Although the Gatling and Maxi machine gun were outstanding and a technological marvel but it's nothing when compared to the Metal Storm machine gun which can fire about a million rounds of bullet per minute.

The Metal Storm is a technological advanced gun made by Metal Strom limited, a company base in Australia that specialise in making weapons powered electronically. The Metal Strom should be among the wonders of modern technology, the gun is operated electrically and can fire over 1 million rounds of bullets per minute.

The gun uses the concept of superposed load, which involves loading multiple projectiles nose to tail in a single gun barrel with propellant packed between them, it was originally design to fit on fighter's helicopter and armoured tanks.

The gun can cut through metals/ tanks at an unimaginable speed just like how a hot knife melt through butter in seconds, the only limitation to its usage is that is very heavy, expensive and requires a lot of time to prepare it for usage.

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