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"No Wonder They're So Powerful; See How Kids In Russia Are Taught How To Defend Themselve During War

Russia is popularly know to be one of the most powerful countries in terms of military power. Perfecting both the physical and mental faculties of Martial arts and weaponry, the Russian Army has been internationally recognized for their very advanced military sector.

Normally, children are not introduced into some levels of military training such as using of arms or learning to use sophisticated weapons. But in Russia, things seems to be different as the children are taught how to use firearms and martial arts to physically defend themselves when attacked, especially during war.

The success of the Russians in warfare and weapon technology has been a matter of serious concern for other world powers as their command, control, planning of attack and defense mechanisms during war is really good.

This leaves one wondering what the length and level of experience (training) Russian Soldiers through to be keep the reputation of their military sector. A look at how young kids in Russia are when they are taught the art of self defense will definitely convince you that these men really work for their position of being one of the world's most powerful army.

What do you think about Russia's way of training their soldiers from a very young age? Kindly make your views known in the comments section.

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