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Reasons The Alleged Surrendering of Over 8000 Insurgents Should Not Be Celebrated For Now

Recently, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 7 Division, of the Nigerian Army, Brigadier-General Abdulwahab Eyitayo, alleged that since June 2021, over 8000 insurgents have surrendered to the Nigerian Military in the Northeast region. The report, which was made public by Vanguard News, has undoubtedly been received by many Nigerians as cheery news. This is due to the level of terrorism that has been witnessed in the region.

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It should be recalled that for over a decade now, insurgents under the Boko-Haram, and Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), have waged war against the government, with the aim of establishing an Islamic Caliphate in the Northeast region of Nigeria. Sadly, the acts of terrorism being carried out by the insurgents, have claimed the lives of several hundreds of people, displaced millions of others from their homes, with properties worth millions of Naira destroyed.

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The region continued to experience deadly attacks until recently, when the military intensified efforts in the war against terrorism in the region. Recall that since June 2021, there have been several reports of the surrendering of some of the insurgents alongside their family members, with the GOC, 7 Division, alleging that the total number of insurgents to have surrendered since June is over 8000. This has undoubtedly caused jubilation among many Nigerians.

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Considering how long the war against terrorism in the Northeast region of Nigeria has lasted, and the frequency and magnitude of attacks being carried out by the insurgents, we may begin to ask ourselves whether the report of an alleged surrendering of over 8000 insurgents since June should spark of celebrations. There is no doubt that the report is good news, and that victory over terrorism should be celebrated. However, for the following 2 reasons, I am of the view that the alleged surrendering of over 8000 insurgents since June should not be celebrated for now.

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1. The real kingpins of the insurgents are yet to surrender.

Arguably, the surrendered insurgents are not the ones that are directly in contact with their sponsors. As such, their surrendering cannot be said to have marked the beginning of the downfall of Boko-Haram/ISWAP. With this, I am of the view that it could be too early for us to start the celebration. There is the need to locate and neutralize their kingpins.

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2. The channels through which the insurgents recruit new fighters are yet to be blocked.

It is common knowledge that the insurgents have lost several fighters since they began operating in the Northeast region over a decade ago. However, they have been able to recruit and train new fighters who have stood their ground for years. As such, it may be too early for us to start celebrating that over 8000 of them have surrendered. There is the need to block all the channels through which they can recruit new fighters.

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Arguably, it is only when we have successfully blocked the insurgents from recruiting new fighters that we can begin to celebrate their downfall. This is due to the likelihood that without blocking them from recruiting new fighters, the insurgents could swiftly replace the 8000 fighters it lost since June, and continue to launch deadly attacks in the region. As such, I am of the view that before we start to celebrate, there is a need for us to locate and neutralize their kingpins, and also block them from recruiting new fighters.

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