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Pictures Of Arrested Boko Haram Gun runners Arrested By Security Agents With Weapons

Photos of two women working for the BokoHaram as gun runners have surfaced on social media platforms after they were arrested by security agents in Nigeria. See the photos below.

This arrest by the security agencies will reduce the activities of terrorists in the zone due to the kind of sophisticated weapons recovered from them. After this arrest, the gun runners should be prosecuted and sent to jail by the appropriate authorities. Granting bails to hardened criminals after they're arraigned is a major factor undermining law enforcement in Nigeria. Our courts are wittingly or unwittingly undermining law enforcement efforts in the country by granting bail to people involved in armed robbery, banditry, kidnapping, and murder.

A bandit once boldly said that it was the third time he was arrested for the same crime and that he rejoined criminal activity after being previously granted bail. Mercenary lawyers who have no sense of social responsibility manipulate the law to get hardened criminals granted undeserved bail by the courts. One great thinker famously said that "the judge is condemned when the guilty is acquitted." I can't agree more.

This practice by our courts encourages criminals to re-offend. By granting bail to hardened criminals, the courts are inevitably destroying the essence of deterrence. Imagine granting bail to armed robbers, bandits, kidnappers, and murderers at the expense of public safety. That's why arrested bandits look confident under interrogation because they know that, once they appear before the court, a lawyer will get them bail.

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