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1 Major Reason Why Nigerian Military Cannot Use The Newly Acquired Tucano Jet To fight Armed Bandits

Photo Credit: Punch

A couple of days ago, the military community in Nigeria felt a sense of relief after the country took delivery of the final batch of the 12-A-29 Super Tucano Fighter Jet from the United States.

It completed a total of twelve jets that was ordered by Nigeria to improve the country’s military hardware and boost the fight against terrorism in the North East. Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed, explained the Tucano jets are expected to be a game-changer in the war against terror.

Photo Credit: BBC

But according to a Punch report, they will not be deployed against the armed bandits. Even though the bandits are one of the most deadly groups of killers in the country, responsible for the murder of thousands in the North East and elsewhere, the Nigerian government cannot attack them with the Tucano jets.

Why is that so? That will form the focus of this article.

The agreement signed with the US government was that the jets would be deployed against terrorists only and not bandits

At the onset of the acquisition of the jet, the United States made the Nigerian government agree to only use the fighting machine against terrorists and insurgence alone. That means except a group is branded as a terrorist then the Nigerian government cannot attack them with the jet. 

Photo Credit: Premium Times

This is the major reason why the government cannot attack bandits’ strongholds with the Tucano jet. If they do, it will amount to a breach of contract and the US could penalize Nigeria.

The only way out is for Buhari to brand the bandits and terrorists. This is a demand that the Senate and House of Representatives have made to him. Nobody knows why the President is reluctant to label the killers as terrorists.

The main reason why the US government restricts foreign governments with regards to how to use their military equipment is to discourage human rights abuses. The US believes that the export of military equipment is not a mere instrument of economic policy, so they cannot be exported under the same condition as cash crops or furniture for instance.

Photo Credit: Naira Land

So the government imposes strict rules on the buyers to ensure the equipment are not abused or they are not used as an instrument of oppression against citizens or perceived enemies.

This explains why the US government has insisted that the jets must only be deployed against terrorists. So until Buhari does a change of heart to declare the bandits as a terrorist, then the Tucano cannot be used against them.

This is unfortunate because it means that the bandits will continue in their deadly campaigns against citizens in the North East. So far, almost the entire people living in the North East live in fear of their lives.

Photo Credit: BBC

Many thousands of people have since relocated to the Internally Displaced Camps and other locations in search of safety, and their livelihood has been destroyed.

This explains why Buhari must act now, and declare the bandits a terrorist group so that they can be crushed with the Tucano.

Why do you think Buhari is reluctant to declare the bandits as terrorists? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. While you are at it, also like and share the story so that others can comment too.

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