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"We Were told to stand down while soldiers operated in Damasak town" - Source told Sahara reporters

Our country is somehow complicated and maybe this is one of the reasons why our soldiers has not experienced any significant victory all this while. According to a source that spoke with Sahara reporters, he said Brigadier Gen.Tilawan told them to stand back and watch while Boko Haram operates. The terrorist operated and it's so unfortunate that the soldiers couldn't do anything.

This is one of the things we do experience in Nigeria. The system is corrupted and it shouldn't be so, considering that one of the basic agenda of the president was to tackle corruption. Soldiers are meant to repel Boko Haram but a source was telling Sahara reporters that they should stand down despite their presence at Damasak on Saturday.

They were asked to watch while the Boko Haram operated in the town on Saturday. Our soldiers should have been victorious against Boko Haram all this while. But because of the corrupted system, it has been difficult for our soldiers to fight and win the battle

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