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Watch what a naval officer was found doing after being drunk

A Nigerian Naval officer who was referred to as Mohammed M. has been spotted in an unstable state finding it difficult to neither walk, talk nor stand on his legs. 

The officer was covered in viral video footage and obtained by Scannews24 was found in a beer parlor where he appeared soaked up with urine and almost induced to sleep. 

The owner of the bar, (name not captured) engaged the drunk in an interactive moment struggling to know why he appeared in an unspeakable and docile state. 

Mohammed, as she was consistently called, could not make up a complete sentence as he keeps mumbling incoherently, trying to communicate with the woman. 

The angry but curious woman asked why he was drunk and still remained in her shop, messed up, she threatened to report him to Naval authority. 

S at the time of filing this report neither the full name, location of the incident, or statement by the authority is confirmed. 

In her words: "Mohammad, what is the problem, I'm the owner of the store, you piss in store?. 

"You piss in my store, you pissed in my store. Who gave you drink? 

"You sleep in my store and you are supposed to be on duty. I will report you to federal government. 

We understand how sensitive and damage this could represent the Nigerian Navy but the main question that comes to mind is how best can the system be restructured to help checkmate the wrong images contributed by most unwilling officers. 

This is coming at a time Nigeria needs best hands in the service to assist restore and uphold the good image the force is best known for and the bags eggs necessarily have to show the way for better ones to come in. 

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