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Incompetency: Army Needn’t Reply The UK Newspaper

The Nigerian Army achievement in the northeastern region of the country speak for itself. The allegations of incompetency by the United Kingdom newspaper known as The Economist may be regarded as misleading. Weeks before the publication of the allegations, Nigerian Defence Headquarters announced the death of Albarnawi, who happened to be a notorious factional leader of the terrorist organisation. Days after, the Army announced the death of his successor. Also, the Nigerian Army has recently initiated a nationwide military operation targeted at neutralising security challenges affecting the six geopolitical zones of the country.

The purchase of Super Tucano fighter jets was aimed at improving the operational capacity of the security forces. Some years back, Boko Haram terrorist group was occupying many local government areas in the northeast, thousands of people were displaced from their ancestral homes and forced to live in government camps. Their means of livelihoods were ransacked and looted by the insurgents. But as a result of renewed commitments of the security forces, the terrorists were flush out and more territories have been recaptured.

In any security operations, setbacks are expected. But the way and manner the security forces handle such setbacks determine their resilience and strength. For instance, the recent attack by bandits on the Nigerian Defence Academy may be considered as a minor setback for the security forces. But after the attack, an investigation was opened and more security measures were deployed. The kidnapped military officer regained freedom from the bandits. This explains the spirit of resilience of the Nigerian security forces.

In the northwest region of the country, the Army has recently captured Dogo Gide, a notorious bandit who masterminded several mass abductions of students in the region. This has crippled the operational capacity of the bandits terrorising people. Regrettably, there are multiple reports suggesting bandits have moved to neighbouring states like Niger to continue perpetrating crimes.

(Photo Credit: Daily Nigerian)

These are a few of the efforts and achievements of the Nigerian Army. The people should not jubilate when a foreign organisation questions the operational integrity of the security forces. The Nigerian security forces report successes to the public via their verified social media platforms. Public support and contribution are necessary factors toward defeating our challenges.

Content created and supplied by: Rasheeed (via Opera News )

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