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Lesson To Learn From The Confessions Of Those Arrested For Taking Weapons And Other Items To Bandits

As it is known today, bandits have constituted unimaginable security challenges to the residents of the North-Western states in no little measure. And despite the efforts of the government and the security operatives to put a stop to their inhuman activities, the outlaws do not appear to be ready to tread on the path of peace. For instance, since over a month, the federal Joint Military Task Forces (JTF) have been launching serious raids on them in their various hideouts, but despite that, the criminals keep wrecking all manner of havocs on the societies. And they have even been spreading their presence to other parts of the country. For instance, in Sokoto, they have recently been constituting increasing rate of nuisance to the residents and security operatives.

Despite the continuous acts of insecurity by the bandits, the JTF have been recording major successes against them. Some instances of these are the hundreds of them who have been terminated, arrested, as well as their destroyed hideouts and strongholds in the forests. In addition, many of those helping them by sneaking weapons, food, fuel, phones and other items to them have been apprehended. And some lessons ought to have been learnt from their confessions. Here are some of the new awareness below:

1.) Ladies can also be guilty of Banditry: just like men, some ladies have also been arrested as conspirators and even members of Banditry. For example, a certain Aishat was once arrested with Jerry cans of fuel which were meant for bandits hidden under her hijab. Days later, another one was caught with many packets of cigarettes and some other items that she was also trying to move to the criminals in their hideouts in the forest. And only about four days ago, two more were paraded at the Abuja Police command for their membership of an 11-man bandits terrorising Kaduna State and its environs.

2.) Security operatives should be paying more attention to ladies' hijabs and other items such as bags and even wallets. To buttress on this, the fuel-carrying lady mentioned above had allegedly hidden some of the cans in both her hijab and handbag. And one of the latter two reportedly confessed to hiding dismantled AK-47 rifles in her bag as well. Also, they had previously managed to escape arrest because of their being women, as well as wearing hijabs.

3.) As mentioned above, one of the arrested female culprits confessed about guns being dismantled, carefully wrapped up in babies wears, and kept in her bags. This implies that everything being carried about by women needs to be carefully and thoroughly searched by the security operatives since exhibits are now being hidden in unexpected places.

4.) There have also been reports that some of those who are taking weapons and other logistics to the Bandits in their hideouts are actually being compelled to do so as a bargain for the release of their Kidnapped loved ones. And this is especially so if such would take the place of being asked to pay huge ransoms which they do not always have the ability to come up with.

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