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Two Reasons Why The Government Can Now Proscribe Bandits As Terrorist Like Boko Haram

Nigeria is facing serious security challenges because of terrorists operating in the country. In the past nine months, bandits have killed over 300 people in the Northern part of the country.

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When the attack by bandits started many months ago, a lot of people asked the government to proscribe them as terrorists just like they did to Boko Haram. However, proscribing bandits at the time was very difficult because their leaders were not known, their aim wasn't known, and anyone can be a bandit because it is a general name given to an outlaw who joins an evil gang to perpetrate evil.

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Judging from everything that has happened since bandits started operating, down to this month, these are two reasons why the government can now proscribe them.

1. Some of their leaders are now known

The military has apprehended many bandit leaders in the past five months, some of their names are; Alhaji Goma Sama’ila, Bello Galaduma, Kachalla Gadda Turji.

(Alhaji Goma Sama’ila, a bandit leader)

These men revealed the names of many other bandits operating in the Northern part of the country, and they also revealed that each gang have a name they operate under.

(Bello Galaduma, a bandit leader)

They can now be proscribed with their names unlike some months ago when they were faceless.

2. They've declared war on the military

When a terrorist group starts attacking military bases in different parts of a country, it means they've declared war on the military. In the past six months, bandits have attacked up to five military bases in different parts of the north, and it is enough reason to proscribe them as terrorists.

Just like how the military went after Abubakar Shekau when Boko Haram was proscribed as a terrorist group, they'll go after every bandit leader with the same force.

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It is now left for the government to decide whether to proscribe bandits or not, the government knows what's best for the nation.

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