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History: how Usman Danfodio launched the Jihad war in 1804.

By the 19th century, the Hausa Kingdoms were not at peace, there was disunity among them and their citizens were no longer loyal to the Hausa leaders, this was because the leadership of the Hausa rulers was done in a haphazard manner. Usman Danfodio who was from a Fulani Kingdom started to become famous. He began to have followers and when he rose, he accused the Hausa leaders of allowing the people of Hausa Kingdoms to deviate from the Islamic religion.

He claimed pagan practices were becoming a daily routine for people in Hausa land. According to him, he wanted to cleanse the Hausa land and restore the the Islamic religion. As a result for his decision in wanting to cleanse the Hausa land, he launched a war against the disbelievers in an attempt to overthrow them from power and force Islam into the Hausa Kingdoms. The law which he launched was called the Jihad war. The primary purpose of the Jihad war was to restore Islam to the Hausa Kingdoms but it was also to bring the Hausa people under Fulani leadership.

The Hausa Kingdoms failed to defend their territory and they were defeated. The people of Hausa land lacked unity, this was one of the major reasons why they were defeated. Some of the Hausa people decided to join alliance with the Fulani people hoping that peace would be returned back to their land. Disunity was one of the main reasons that Usman Danfodio was able to defeat and overthrow the rulers of the Hausa Kingdoms.

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