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How The Military Operations Against Terrorism Has Been Affected By The Spread Of Fake News

Many Nigerians have been asking these questions since the report that the NAF brokered the deal with bandits to retrieve anti-aircraft guns for a safe passage for President Muhammadu Buhari to Daura Katsina by the Wall Street Journal article, and the subsequent debunk of the fake news by NAF.

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Nigerians are saying; Can a reporter be neutral when it comes to military operations? Shouldn't the media cooperate fully with the government? Is your responsibility as a reporter simply to cover the news without any thought to your role in allowing terrorists and killers to get their view out to the world using the media as free press to do so? Can the media be neutral in the war against terrorists?

The truth is that some reporters cannot bring themselves to report objectively, they feel they must remain skeptical with the Nigerian military and be trustful of terrorists. These are terrorists. People who can murder, rape, and destroy. Now a media outlet wants to transform the aggressors into victims. These guys are murderers. How many of these media houses have journalists who are knowledgeable about military operations and can articulate that to the Nigerian populace.

You see reporters calling an armored personnel carrier a Tank, or a combat helicopter, fighter jet. The media has a huge responsibility in civil society. To some extent have the power of life and death in their hand. In the event of an attack, traditional media will bear the burden of public expectations. People will first turn on the television, their phones regardless of where people turn, they will be looking for some basic information.

what happened, what is the danger and the risk, where should I go, what routes should I take. News organizations will have to answer those questions in a hurry. And what they report, what they air whether it's their local correspondent or some 'expert' who is booked for an interview will shape behavior and, quite possibly, broader rescue efforts in the community. This underscores this responsibility that the news media have a life or death responsibility.

Sadly, some of these important institutions have been hijacked by money-hungry corporate hustlers and influencers. They want to make it big and to do that, they are willing to throw the nation under the bus. They are ready to play the propaganda arm of terrorist groups. Most are too lazy to do basic research. They just take the easy route with generic criticism that lacks substance.

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