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Opinion: The Nigerian Army Should Do The Needful And Stop Defending Their Lapses.

If you go YouTube, you will see several video clips of soldiers at the warfront and the story has always been the same.

These patriotic men and women, who stick out their lives for the love of Nigeria always tell us how unprovided for, they are. On every single clip you'll hear soldiers cry out about how they were ambushed and many of them killed owing to yo lack of Weaponry or common protective gear.

A few months ago, a general also made the same comments. On the clip, he state that they were mot running, but they didn't have weapons and even enough equipment to fight like they would want to.

As against being defensive, it is time the Government sat up to their responsibility of protecting these soldiers.

How on earth does the government, expect these patriotic ones to serve wholeheartedly, when their basic needs can not be met?

Why send young and promising men to the warfront, without having some jet fighters on ground, in case of an assault or ambush?

A few days ago, a clip went viral of some soldiers bemoaning their fate after being attacked, and all the military spokesmen could say in defence, was about how they have spotted and identified the ten soldiers on the clip.

It ia important to note that due to the harsh training conditions, these soldiers have undergone, very little phases them. As such, they can withstand rough and tough situations, but when these tough men begin to cry and speak up, something is really wrong.

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