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Nigerian Army Begins 7-Day Show-Of-Force In Imo

The Nigerian Army has put in place strategies to tackle the operatives of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Eastern Security Network (ESN), and keep them off security stations.

According to a military source, the Nigerian Army is planning to blow off some of its expired military hardware, including explosives. And it is hoped the move will create panic for the IPOB and ESN operatives, and keep them off security stations.

According to the information which the military source made known to the media, the Nigerian Army will be moving in ammunition and explosives into the 34 Artillery Brigade, in Obinze, near Owerri in Imo State. The move from the Army will be a show-of-force to destabilize the IPOB and ESN militants.

In a statement which was made by the acting Assistant Director of Army Public Relations, Lt. Babatunde Zubairu, he termed the military action as the "demolition of unserviceable ammunition and explosives."

He said that the 82 Base Ammunition Depot would carry out the exercise, Enugu, from May 14th (which was yesterday) to May 21st. That means, the exercise is expected to last seven days.

The people living in Obinze and surrounding communities have been advised to keep away from the range area of the exercise throughout the period of this exercises. Zubairu also sent words to the people not to panic, and assured the people that the Army remains committed to ensuring the safety of Nigerians.

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The military source said that the message from the Nigerian Army is clear, and that the exercise is meant to warn IPOB and ESN members that the military is in town and that they will not take any nonsense from them. The source also revealed that the Army plans to bring in a new cache of ammunition and other confidential artillery to tackle the insecurity challenges in the region.

The South-East region has been rocked by tensions in recent times. The deliberate attacks on police stations and security operatives in the region have given many people reasons to be worried. IPOB's ESN has been fingered in most of these attacks, and in the past weeks, the security operatives have succeeded in haunting down several ESN men. A few weeks ago, a joint security force neutralized the ESN commander Ikonso, and a few days ago, the Nigerian Army announced that it has arrested another top ESN leader who was the second in command to Ikonso.

With this recent move from the Nigerian Army, there is bound to be more trouble for IPOB and ESN militants, as the Army has shown that they are not going to take any more nonsense from them.

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Credit: Sahara Reporters.

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