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Opinion: Sheik Gumi's Idea Of Compensating Bandits Is Bound To Worsen The Problem

A lot has been said and done about the ongoing issue of banditry plaguing the north. At the moment, all indications show that the preferred strategy of the Federal government in tackling the problem is the use of military might. The controversial Islamic cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, however, has continued to see things differently, as indicated by his recent statements.

Photo credit: The Whistler.

Recall that the cleric previously made headlines when he suggested that the military venture embarked upon by the FG should be shelved, in favour of amnesty and dialogue in dealing with the bandits. In a recent social media post, he stated that the reason the criminals have continued to wreck havoc is because they have not been compensated with enough money and land.

This article will attempt to give reasons why Gumi's approach to solving banditry is bound to fail. First of all, as to the part of money, the bandits have already shown what they tend to invest the huge amounts of money they receive in. It is a well known fact that the criminals have been able to obtain a lot of sophisticated weapons over time, with which they have claimed many lives and even attacked military outposts.

Photo credit: The Guardian Nigeria.

The Goronyo Market Massacre is just one of the latest instances that show how the bandits have switched from simply kidnapping for ransom, to unprovoked killings. It has even been reported that the bandits have conducted door-to-door raids on communities in Katsina, leaving a yet to be determined number of persons dead.

Additionally, reports have claimed that the bandits and Boko Haram tend to work hand in hand, with the terrorists offering training courses to the kidnappers in order to maximize ransom proceeds. The money is most likely being used to procure more weapons.

Photo credit: The Guardian Nigeria.

As Sheik Gumi pointed out, millions of Naira have already been given to the bandits. He argues that it was not enough, but who is to say that giving them a larger sum will not only make them greedy for more, thereby worsening the situation? 

As to the matter of land, Sheik Gumi once dropped an exposition where he said that the bandits are disgruntled former herdsmen, so he probably reasons that the land will enable them take up cattle herding once again. However, clarifications as to the portion of land that they should be given and whether or not they deserve it, will need to be made.

It is incredibly doubtful that people who have lost loved ones to the bandits' onslaught or been harmed in one way or another, will willingly let the government carve out land from their communities for the criminals. It will be seen as unjust. Also, giving the bandits land will only serve to encourage other people to use violence as a means of getting things from the government. 

What do you think about this article? What, in your opinion, is the best way to end the bandit crisis?

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