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Why The Move To Increase NYSC Feeding Allowance Is A Welcome Development

A recent report revealed that the Senate has started making move for the Federal Government to increase the daily feeding allowance of the members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The NYSC members always spend 21 days in orientation camp for training before they will be finally deployed to their respective primary places of assignment. During the 21-day-orientation camp, the Federal Government is always the one taking care of the feeding of all the Corps members; three times a day. 

NYSC Members: credit - Daily Post

The feeding by the federal government is highly commendable, but the allowance was a bit small especially considering the high cost of food now. The report revealed that the daily feeding allowance of Corps members in the orientation camp was pegged at N600 per person. 

Why The Move By The Senate Is A Welcome Development

If the daily feeding allowance for Corps members is increased, there is no doubt that Corps members would feed better while in the orientation camp. 

NYSC: Credit - vanguard

It is always said that all fingers are not equal. Some Corps members in orientation camp always depend wholly on the food given to them in the camp, because they may not have the money to buy food or any other thing to supplement what they are given. Meanwhile, the quantity of food that is always shared in some Camp may not be enough to satisfy some people. You can imagine N600 for a whole day, that's N200 per meal for the 3-square meal.

The camp activities are always stressful especial for some people who have not been used to exercises.

NYSC: credit - punch

On several occasions, I have heard of Corps members who collapsed during a parade in the camp, of which on some occasions, Corps members may die in the process.

Sometimes, no one can say what makes some Corps members faint/collapse during orientation exercise, but I guess if they are well fed, they would always remain stronger while undergoing the camp training.

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