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Is Operation Golden Dawn In Anambra A Reference To The Biafran Flag?

After the brutal killings and arson perpetrated by unknown gunmen in Imo state earlier this year, followed by a period of relative calm, it appears that insecurity has once again reared its ugly head in the Southeast. In Anambra state recently, the criminals, suspected to belong to the Indigenous People of Biafra, have gone around wrecking havoc. People have been killed indiscriminately and even the influential have been targeted - Joe Igbokwe's residence was razed down not long ago, and the husband of the late Dora Akunyili was put to death by the criminals.

Photo credit: Vanguard News.

In light of this, and taking into consideration the election scheduled for next month which INEC has refused to call off, the military was recently sent into Anambra to restore peace. As is usually the custom, the operation was given a unique name meant to symbolise the scope of the Armed Forces' objective. In this case, "Golden dawn" was chosen. 

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Inaugurated by 302 Artillery Regiment in Anambra state, Operation Golden Dawn is interesting because it appears to metaphorically incorporate the perceived threat the military has come to fight. First of all, there is the widespread notion that the unknown gunmen are agents of IPOB. Additionally, looking at the flag of the defunct Republic of Biafra, one would notice that it reflects the name of the military campaign.

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The flag in question consists of red, black and green horizontal stripes, which represent the blood of slain Biafrans, mourning and prosperity, respectively. In the middle of the flag sits half of a yellow or golden sun, with eleven rays reminiscent of the number of provinces in the region. Symbolically, it represents a glorious future. 

Photo credit: Premium Times Opinion.

When you put the half form of the golden sun and "Operation Golden Dawn" together, it becomes apparent that one influenced the naming of the other. Going by this, it stands to reason that eradicating the perceived destructive tendencies of IPOB is the core objective of the military in Anambra state. This is even as the commander of the operation, Col. Abdulkarim Usman, mentioned banditry and cultism as other areas of concern. 

What do you think about this article? Could Operation Golden Dawn really be a reference to the flag of Biafra? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.

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