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Defence Budget Slash: Why Nigeria Need A Strong Military That Is Ready To Fight Her Enemies

Nigeria needs a strong military and the enemy needs to see the resolve of a military ready to fight to the end. The President must have the necessary assurance that no aggressor can escalate crises beyond Nigeria's control. A strong military ensures that our vital interests will be safeguarded.

It's not just about Nigeria, but the entire region at large. Nigeria is committed to helping secure peace and stability in the region. A strong military underpins our ability to do so even in the most challenging of circumstances. For decades it has been used only to deter aggression against our vital interest, never to coerce anyone.

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What's baffling is that the army is fighting against slashing its budget by N131 billion. From N710 billion to N579 billion. N131 billion is less than 20% of the operational expenditures of Nigerian lawmakers, who are eating the country's wealth with insane allowances. They are entitled to monthly sundry expenses of N13.5 million ($37,500). Each Senator earns $450,000 annually in allowances, minus basic salary. The U.S President, the most powerful man in the world only earns $450,000 (including bonus) annually.

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The Nigerian Senate has a lot of power to make laws to suit personal interests. Let's remember that the provision for the Army to combat insurgency and banditry is grossly inadequate already. Despite the inadequate funding, the Nigerian army is tasked with securing the territorial integrity of Nigeria from any violation.

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It is deployed in all geopolitical zones of the country, stretching the military to near breaking point for more than a decade. The army tries to compensate for this with the acquisition of modern equipment leveraging on technology. Yet the Senate still wants to slash N131 billion out of the army's already meager allocation, when they can easily cut their monthly allowances that go to the tune of over N400 billion.

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