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2 Types of Prop Guns and How Deadly They Can Be

These are the various types of prop guns used in the theatre arts department. These guns are used when shooting a movie or in performing dramas in a theatre.

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Level 1 Prop Guns don't discharge. They are usually used in theatre departments of universities and film academies. These are fake guns or replicas of real ones. Sound effects are used to create gunshot sounds that you hear in movies. These guns can be referred to as "toy guns".

Level 2 Prop Guns use blank ammunition and can KILL. They are usually used by full production movies. The blank cartridge produces convincing gunshot sounds when discharged, and they also replicate every visible characteristic of a real firing gun. They replicate the muzzle flash, bang, recoil and an ejected shell without the metal bullet at the top.

These types of prop guns are deadly because they wield the same features of an actual gun but without live ammunition.

So, prop guns are not always fake. Some are real firearms that have been modified to fire blanks.

How Deadly Can Prop Guns be?

At the muzzle of a gun, the energy is all there, you don’t need a bullet as it is a highly focused explosive charge. The closer you get to the muzzle, the more dangerous it is for an individual.

The pressure at the tip of the barrel at discharge may provide the energy sufficient for penetrating the skin, and this may lead to life-threatening injuries, especially when shot at close range.


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