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How Angry Soldier Allegedly Broke Nurse's Leg When His Wife Was Admitted Into Labour Room

An angry soldier has taken an action that shows that he overstepped his bounds when he took his pregnant wife to the hospital for delivery.

The soldiers was said to have been angered when the nurse told him to buy delivery packs that would be used to assist his wife during delivery. A report by Daily Trust has it that the unidentified soldier became furious after retorting that the government had paid for the delivery packs for people to use in the hospitals. When the nurse insisted and said that he misunderstood the information, the soldier started beating her to the extent that one of her legs was broken in the process.

Image credit: Daily Trust

This sad incident took place in Ilorin, Kwara State. In fact, the military authority at 22 Brigade Amoured Nigeria Army Sobi Cantonment has reacted to the incident. It was confirmed by Sgt. Wasiri, the Public Relations Officer of the Brigade, who added that the military authority has detained the suspect for further actions.

Why the soldier needs to be dealt with for overstepping his bounds

True, he is a soldier, but that does not mean that he should not obey instructions just like every other people that were at the hospital. Hospitals have rules which patients and their families or relatives need to obey. The government might have sponsored some things, but there are some things the patient's relatives would need to pay for. That was what the nurse tried to explain to the soldiers. Instead of patiently and humbly taking the instruction, the soldier became furious and took a rash action by beating the nurse. He needs to be dealt with for doing that.

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Again, if soldiers expect civilians to obey them without questioning their authority, why would this soldier refuse to obey the hospital's instructions as passed by the nurse? Soldiers are very disciplined set of people. This particular man in question has not proven to be a good representative of the Nigerian Army going by the kind of conduct he displayed. He needs to be punished for acting as if he is above the law.

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Finally, the soldier has the right to be angry as a human being. But, he has no right whatever to lay his hands on the nurse. He has no rights to have beaten and broken her leg as alleged. That is an act of brutality that needs to be punished to serve as a deterrent to other violent people in uniform out there. His wife was in labour and she needed help. Beating and injuring the same nurse that was helping the wife was a bad act.

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