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2 Most Feared Women Who Once "Terrorised" Their Countries (Photos)

Women are filled with different natural abilities and talents. Some women find pleasure in the comfort of their homes while others seek adventures. Women show enthusiasm in everything they do. These includes relationship, friendship and marriage. There are no boundaries in exploring the world but few women have broken boundaries and pose a serious threat and danger to people around them.

In this article, I'll be sharing out a list of two women who have committed terrible crimes in different countries. They are regarded as the world's most dangerous women because their crimes are heinous and unimaginable.

1. Colonel Fanette Umuraza alias "Number One Queen."

Image Credit: (Colonel Fanette Umuraza)

Colonel Fanette got involved in a lot of crimes during her leadership in the Congolese Revolutionary Army. As the number 2 military leader, she had a very scary sociopathy level and do not mingle with colleagues to have fun. Fanette was accused of rape, murder, and forced recruitment of children according to the Human Rights Watch.

2. Nisreen Mansour Al Forgani.

Image Credit: (Nisreen Mansour Al Forgani)

Another dangerous female criminal is Nisreen Mansour Al Forgani. Nisreen was raped and controlled by the Libyan military to join the militia and become a serial killer. She was also a serial killer for Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and reportedly executed 11 suspect rebel prisoners. She is an excellently trained snipper who shoots at point-blank range.

Image Credit: Nisreen Mansour Al Forgani and Colonel Fanette Umuraza

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