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As They Now Beg For Food, Bandits Might Soon Ask Government For The Same Amnesty They Once Rejected

It is a known fact that the Federal troops have been wagng war against the Bandits in Zamfara. This is as the sustained aerial and ground attacks that they have been launching against the outlaws since early last month have killed hundreds of them, while some of the surviving ones have been escaping to the neighbouring states for safety. And even as some of them have fled from the heavy Military raids to places like Katsina, Kaduna, Niger and Sokot States, the governments of those their new destinations have also adopted the strategies that have been put in place by that of Zamfara State. The ideas include - banning of the sales of fuel in the rural areas, suspenson of weekly markets and disconnection of telecommunication network by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).

According to various reliable sources, the stoppage of the above activities in Zamfara State, for instance, has been hitting the hoodlums so hard that hunger is now their daily companion. This is due to the fact that there is neither the means to communicate with their colleagues in crime elsewhere, nor with the families of their victims in order to organise for their release clauses. It was even said that they have resorted to the use of letters for delivering messages. Also, they are unable to make use of the monetary ransoms they have collected from their victims to purchase what they want, especially food. As a result of this, therefore, what they are now allegedly doing is that, in place of kidnapping for money which was their original priority, they are now asking their victims' relatives to fetch them cooked food in exchange for their abducted ones. Considering such a new state of affairs, as alleged, in the Kidnappers' dens, one might be compelled to ask for how long will they continue with begging their victims for food.

It will be recalled that the same daredevil souls had earlier turned down government's amnesty deals for a number of times. Besides, some of them reportedly said that they were not interested in them. But with the way events are presently unfolding, it is only a matter of a short time more before they start crawling on their knees as they beg the government for the same amnesty that they once turned down on a platter of gold. However, that is if famine and sustained Military raids have not yet terminated all of them before then.

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