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Check out the most technologically advanced submarine the U.S. Navy currently possesses

It is the Virginia Class SSNs, followed by the Ohio Class SSBNs, which will be replaced by the Columbia Class.

USS South Dakota Our latest nuclear submarine The $2.6 billion USS South Dakota (SSN 790), seen here in a photo illustration, is the newest, most-advanced addition to the US Navy's Virginia-class fleet of nuclear-powered, fast-attack submarines.May 30, 2019.

The 135-person crew work on missions in shallow waters or depths of more than 800 feet. The lead vessel in Navy's "acoustic superiority program."The South Dakota, like other Virginia-class submarines, including the USS California (SSN 781), is equipped with four MK-48 launch tubes. The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile is another part of the Virginia-class submarine's arsenal. A simplified design that allows its Tomahawk missiles to be launched from two payload tubes, instead of 12 individual tubes. Subs in the Virginia class don’t rely on a periscope. Instead, they are guided with the help of photonic-mast sensors that send images to the control room.

The weapons launch console aboard its sister ship the USS Colorado.

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