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Opinion: Why Northern States Should Apply The Policy That Was Used In Taking Down Bandits In Zamfara

Zamfara State has been the main headquarter of bandits in North, the bandits have grown stronger to the extent that they can take over a village in a single day.

However, the state government have made a reasonable decision by using the policy of shutting down the networks, and that policy turned out to be an excellent method because the military was able to eradicate most of the bandits.

Recall that there was a trending footage from Zamfara forest which shows nearly 100 bandit terrorists dead, some next to their weapons.

This indicates that the Nigerian Army is really pouncing on the repugnant gangs. If this air and ground offensive is sustained, the terrorists will soon be degraded.

Furthermore, It was an excellent victory to Nigerian Army for taking down the bandits in Zamfara forest by using those methods, which is why the operation needs to be quickly expanded in all Northern States of Nigeria, and we must work with Niger Republic to prevent criminals from hiding across the border.

In order to block terrorists supply routes, Zamfara, Kaduna and Katsina states should closed weekly village markets and banned sell for petrol in jerrycans.

Many people will be very happy if other states announces the same policy at once.

It suggests that they should start working together. That is the way to go.

Moreover, this policy may reduce supply of food, fuel and medicine to terrorists lurking in the bush. But it will also take livelihoods from thousands of innocent families. Many traders feed their families by selling basic stuff as onions, grains and utensils in these villages.

Many people will not be able to feed their families, but this is for the benefit of everybody. I hope the government organisations and individuals will find a way of helping those that will be affected. Not helping affected traders may be become a setback as some may get so desperate and resort to illegal trading, including with criminals. State governments should continue to work together in tackling this monsters.

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