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Throwback Photos of Nigerian Soldier Crying out for help in battlefield against Boko Haram fighters

See How Nigeria Soldier Cried Out For Help In Battlefield Against Boko Haram Sect

Nigeria soldiers are facing a lot of threat from Boko Haram sect. Many of them are crying out bitterly for help due to lack of weapons, ammunition or additional hands required to combat the terrorists. 

It is very important for the leadership of the Nigeria Army to bring in fresh heads to the theatre of battle. This idea will boost their morale. 

Morale is an important quality in soldiers. With good morale they'll charge into a hail of bullets.

A soldier who has been in battle in the northeast for over 2 year is begging on the leadership of Nigeria Army Authorities to rotate soldiers due to the high rate of deaths of Nigeria soldiers fighting Boko Haram in the battlefield. 

The reason why he made this suggestion was because most of the soldiers that have over-stayed in battle loses morale.

The soldier is pleading on the Nigeria Army Authorities to give a duration for any soldiers deployed to the northeast to combat Boko Haram fighters, so that some fresh hands can come in to fight the sect. 

I think Army Authorities should consider this because it will go a long way in boosting the troops in the battlefield.

May God continue to give them the strength required to combat Boko Haram deadliest sect.

Let's continue to pray for our Nigeria soldiers as they face Boko Haram terrorists in the battlefield.

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