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Photos: Heavy Celebrations In Kandahar Due To Complete Withdrawal Of US Troops From Afghanistan

There were heavy celebrations by Afghans today in Kandahar as the Taliban completely takes over hardware inheritance at the Kabul Airport. There was also leadership talks in Afghanistan, where peoples were seen riding there bicycles in happiness. The US completely left the country yesterday after 20 years of American presence in the country.

The Taliban have been out of government for so many years, their return is expected to be celebrated by the people. The Taliban might have their flaws like violating human rights laws, but they are loved by the people of Afghanistan, a reason their return was easy to the Government. In the past, the Taliban has defeated the US, USSR, and other countries that seek to enforce their ways of life on them.

One thing that is scary about the withdrawal of the United States Army from Afghanistan is that the US left a lot of military hardware for the Taliban, which includes A-29 Super Tucano aircraft, heavy artillery tanks, guns, and military gear. Below are photos of the celebration in Kandahar today.

Photo Credit: AFP

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