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How Fayemi's Proposed Usage Of NYSC Members For Security Purposes Can Benefit Nigerians

Many Nigerian youths will frown at the concept of using NYSC Corp members as security personnel, however, if the Nigerian government goes about it in the way Governor Fayemi of Ekiti state is proposing it, the residents of Nigeria will benefit from it in 3 ways.

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The Governor of Ekiti state, Kayode Fayemi, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to look into the possibility of turning all the NYSC Camps nationwide into a military training facility where NYSC members who are willing to join the Nigerian police and Army will be recruited and trained. He also urged the federal government to make sure that anyone who does not wish to join the police and army should be allowed to serve in his or her state without any allowances.

Photo Credit: Daily Post Nigeria

Despite the shortcomings of the proposed usage of NYSC members as security personnel, if the federal government listens to Fayemi's thoughts, Nigerians will benefit in the 3 ways listed below.

1. Nigerian youths will gain massive employment:

According to Fayemi, Nigeria needs about 200,000 security personnel to solve the worsening insecurity in the country. If Fayemi's plan is adopted by the government, at least 200,000 youths will be employed over a shorter period. Such massive employment will benefit a lot of Nigerian homes.

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2. Instead of paying NYSC members N33,000 in 1 year, the federal government will be able to provide a sustainable job for thousands:

NYSC members are paid N33,000 by the federal government of Nigeria. The 33,000 is paid over 1 year and most of these youths often go back into the labor market without much hope of getting a good job. If Fayemi's plan is adopted by the Nigerian government, every NYSC member who agrees to join either the Nigerian police or the army will have automatic employment after completing the required training. The employment of NYSC members will be better than receiving 33,000 for just 1 year.


3. The current insecurity in the country can be solved with the recruitment of thousands of NYSC members into the Nigerian security forces:

The issue of insecurity in Nigeria is becoming scarier by the day. If Fayemi's proposition is accepted by the federal government, a massive number of willing NYSC members will be recruited into the security forces and Nigeria will have the right number of people to fight insecurity in the country. Every Nigerian will benefit if the issue of insecurity becomes a thing of the past.

Photo Credit: BBC

Although it is easy to misunderstand Fayemi's stand on this matter, we must try to understand that Nigeria is in a tight corner because of insecurity and an urgent solution is needed. Fayemi's opinion on this matter will not go down well with a lot of people but it can solve unemployment problems and insecurity issues being faced by Nigerians.

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