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Check-out What Happens If Anyone Fires This Most Deadly Weapon In The World (Pictures)

History has shown humanity of dangerous technology can become if engineered to do destructive things, and the effect can be seen in the sophisticated weapons that the military now brandish during wars and attacks. You could have also asked, what the most deadly weapon is but never got an answer, but be sure that this type of weapon is certainly not what any random person can fire even if they really want to.

The world has witnessed the atomic bomb that flattened Hiroshima and Nagasaki years ago and killed over 200,000 people. Yet, this bomb is still not the most powerful, because the most deadly weapon in the world has about 1,000 times the effect of the atomic bomb mentioned above.

Yes! 1,000 multiplied by 200,000 is a lot of damage, but trust me, the RDS-220 Hydrogen Bomb which is also known as the Tsar Bomba can do a lot of damage if fired against an enemy.

So, what is this weapon? What happens if anyone fires this most deadly weapon in the world? Well, The Tsar Bomba is the largest and most powerful thermonuclear weapon ever created by man. The weapon was first used by the Soviet Union in 1961 when the military launched it over the Novaya Zemlya Island in the Russian Arctic Sea.

Below are more pictures of the Tsar Bomba

Another interesting spectacle about this nuclear weapon, is how small it can be. Size does not matter for the Tsar Bomba because it can conveniently fit into the intercontinental missile heads that most military has in possession. 

According to ArmyTechnology, experts of bomb Chemistry pointed out that the small size and deadly effect of the H-bomb are why every finger is pointing at countries like North Korea and the United States for developing Tsar Bomba for times of way against other countries.

What Happens If The Tsar Bomba Was Fired?

The exact effects of this bomb are not known and all data relies on the 1961 testing by the Soviet Union, which already showed how deadly it can be. Therefore, according to WarHistoryOnline, if the Tsar Bomba was to be fired at full capacity, it would wreak havoc on 1/3 of the earth and possibly cause earthquakes and change in the Earth's tectonic plate structure.

The explosion of this bomb will be so massive that the force will be over 50 megatons. Simply put, this bomb will produce such an effect of lighting and explosion of about 50 million tonnes of Dynamite (TNT) at once.

Another illustration of the effect will be to use the Atomic Bomb that killed over 200,000 years ago. In this case, the bomb will have an equivalent of 3,800 times of that atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima!

Image showing the crater left by the explosion of the Tsar Bomba

After this testing was concluded, there was a call for a world meeting, as to what should be the direction of the military regarding this weapon. A conclusion was reached and 189 countries signed the Treaty on the Non-proliferation including Nigeria of course. 

However, countries like North Korea, Israel, India, and Pakistan did not sign this treaty, and therefore the bomb remains a potential weapon for countries like this should they ever go to war.

Tell us, do you think this deadly bomb should be allowed to be used during attacks?

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