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Meet the retired Nigeria soldier that has been living with a bullet in his neck for 52 years

Meet the retired Nigeria soldier that has been living with a bullet in his neck for 52 years

A retired Nigerian soldier of 77 years, by the name of Sergeant Ibrahim Umar. Was among the people 52 years ago struggling to keep Nigeria one during Te Civil War.

Sergeant Ibrahim is telling the story of how he came up with the bullet in his neck that he lived 52 years after the war.

In his word, "I was shot on my neck in 1968, a year after the war began, and what really happened was that I brought one of my soldiers who was shot for treatment to the MI room, and as I returned to base a meeting of people different from those I left, before I knew what was going on, I heard gunshot.

One of my colleagues returned fire and during that commotion I was carry out of that place. 

I was in the hospital for many months and the doctors told me that the bullet was attached to my neck vein and that if I tried to remove it, I might end up being paralyzed. That the bullet was better left in there.

He also narrated that he lost so many people in the war, but the death of his best friend Sgt. Tank Musa was the one he felt the most.

Fifty-two years after the war, Sgt. Ibrahim said that the war experience was never a good thing, the worst pain he felt was that of a brother who was killing his brother.

In his word, "I pray that the world should never actually experience another war in Nigeria, Africa. Anyone who cries out for war doesn't know what war means." Fifty-two years after the civil war in Nigeria that many people have forgotten, Ibrahim, who has fifteen children, says that life has been difficult for him and that his begging to the government to pay him his pension and gratuity for many years.

"I retired in 1979 and never received anything until I started receiving it in 2007, so my money is still hanging from 1979 to 2006, I'm begging the government to pay me."

The former soldier said on life inside the bush that it was there that he leaned on how to eat different kinds of fruits and food, because surviving was all he had in mind.

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